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  •     Coach ARod      2010 Louisville Kentucky IRON-MAN 11 hr 39 min



What are we about?

We support, educate, and encourage those with an interest in living a healthy life style. Our goal is to provide services that will enable club members to engage and participate in the endurance sports of; running, cycling and swimming, as a lifelong endeavor.

What we do:

We organize and supervise group fitness activities. All activities will be supervised by a certified USA triathlon coach. Clinics/lessons about running form, swimming technique, cycling strategies, nutrition, training schedules and equipment will be given. Club members will be encouraged to train and participate for common races throughout the year. Competitive triathlon members will have a chance to create a team and participate in the USAT club national championship race.

How much does it cost?

CLUB dues are only $7.99 per month. For us is not about making money. This price is set to remind club members that being healthy is a choice. We pay this much for internet video entertainment services. If we can afford such services and spend hours using them, then we do not have an excuse to stay healthy, it is all a matter of time and priorities. Scholarship forms will be also available for those in need. Such scholarships will be limited depending on club size and obtained sponsorships.

Club benefits:

Train together with friends for common races.

Have access to an USAT certified coach for questions and group training.

Join the USAT community

Obtain special discounts and prices on numerous products and services from sponsors.

Club T-shirt

Annual award Banquet

Join us, every Saturday

at 7:00 am

Common Grounds meeting room

1612 Charleston Ave.

Mattoon IL 61938

If you are Interested in running a marathon you are not alone! Qualifying slots for the Boston Marathon often sell out in a few hours. Click below for individualized running coachig options.

We breath, eat and dream the triathlon lifestyle. With a certified USAT coach on staff we keep up with the latest most efficient training methods. For indivivualized triathlon coaching options please click below.